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Healthy food
for Remembrance Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Anzac Day
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Healthy eating ideas for days of remembrance:

Vegetable poppy

Fruit poppy

Ingredient and garnish ideas

Food ideas on another page:
Cake and cookie ideas


 Vegetable poppy
Arrange pieces of a selection of these vegetables to form a red poppy:
RED PETALS Tomato, capsicum (a bit hot though)
BLACK CENTER Black olive (actually a fruit), black carrot, Black Galaxy tomato
GREEN STEM Cucumber, gherkin, celery, green beans (also known as string beans, snap beans or runner beans), parsley, snow pea, asparagus
GREEN LEAVES Mint, parsley, kale, lettuce


 Fruit poppy
Arrange pieces of a selection of these fruits to form a red poppy:
RED PETALS Red apple (skinside up), watermelon, raspberries, sliced strawberries
BLACK CENTER Blackberry, black cherry, blueberry, black currant, dried prune, dark brown date, dark brown dried fig
GREEN STEM Kiwi fruit, green melon (outer part), pear (skinside up), avocado (outer part - but avocado may darken in a short amount of time)
GREEN LEAVES Mint, parsley


 Ingredient and garnish ideas
Add the following ingredients to appropriate recipes:
poppy seeds eg, in baked cakes, sprinkled on cakes and other food
rosemary eg, in stuffing, or used as a garnish

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