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for Remembrance Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Anzac Day
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Poppy and remembrance poster activities on this page:
   Posters to print out
   Poster-making ideas and inspiration
   Images for use in poster-making


Posters to print out


Remembrance Day Picture Posters (poppytime.com)
Our own landscape-oriented posters, using the pictures used for our jigsaws. Choose between letter size and A4 size.

Remembrance Day or Veterans Day Coloring Pages, Posters and Tracer Pages (dltk-holidays.com)
Scroll down to the posters. Choose the coloured versions for use as posters. Alternatively, the black and white versions can be used as a colouring-in activity.

Remembrance Day Printables (activityvillage.co.uk)
Some of these poppy-themed printables are presented as Remembrance Day posters.

Some images on the Color-in activities page could be used for posters.

Poster-making ideas and inspiration


Using Photoshop for Remembrance Day Posters (archived from blogs.adobe.com)
Provides several Remembrance Day posters that could be a stimulus for students to design their own posters. Also includes a discussion of the use of poster creation using Photoshop in particular as a valuable educational activity for students, along with a list of links for teachers.

Remembrance Day Posters (veterans.gc.ca)
Remembrance Day posters commissioned annually by Veterans Affairs Canada, from 1982 to 2016.

Images for use in poster-making

Poppies (warrinerprimaries.com)
A collection of images of red poppies.

Pictures of poppies (photographyblogger.net)
20 photographs of poppies and fields of poppies.

Veterans Affairs Canada Image Galleries (veterans.gc.ca)
Includes photographs of veterans and Remembrance Day ceremonies.



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