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Lesson activities
for Remembrance Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Anzac Day
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 Lists of activities (US-themed)

Veterans Day Resources (teacherplanet.com)
Lists of lesson plans, worksheets and activities (US-themed).

Veterans Day (eduplace.com)
Activities and worksheets (US-themed).

Memorial Day (eduplace.com)
Activities and worksheets (US-themed).

Veterans Day (theteachersguide.com)
Links to many Veterans Day lesson plans, units, interactive whiteboard resources, printable puzzles and activities, crafts (paper-based activities) and clipart.

Veterans Day (educationworld.com)
[Site not working Nov 10 2016.]

Lesson ideas for Veterans Day.

Veterans Day - Remembrance Day - Poppy Day (michellehenry.fr)
Site unavailable Oct 29 2020, Apr 23 2022.
Groups of links to clipart, history and memorial sites, activities, games, songs, videos and lesson plans.

Veterans Day printables (homeschooling.about.com)
Nine single-page activities to print out.

 Lists of activities (Canadian-themed)

Take Time to Remember 2014 [pdf] (veterans.gc.ca)
Collection of remembrance activities in English and French for young children: maze, connect-the-dots, colour-in, sentence completion, coin compare, word search, posters to cut out.

Little Red Poppy Activities [pdf] (littleredpoppy.com)
This pdf document contains a Remembrance Day word search along with background information, a crossword, a wreath suitable for coloring in, the story of Simpson and his donkey followed by questions, and information on how Remembrance Day is commemorated around the world. Although Canadian in origin it is suitable for use in other countries.

Remembrance Day (bigactivities.com)
A wide range of simple activities from Big Activities.

Remembrance Day Lesson Plans K-8 (canadaonline.about.com)
Information resources and activities on Remembrance Day in Canada.

Reading and Remembrance Primary and Junior Activities [pdf] (readingandremembrance.ca)
[Website not operating, Oct 19, 26 2014]

Eleven suggestions overall, with a literacy emphasis.

A Poppy is for Remembering [pdf] (lesplan.com)
Article containing information followed by questions, then crossword, comic and true/false questions.

 Lists of activities (UK-themed)

Remembrance Day Worksheets (activityvillage.co.uk)

Remembrance Day Resources (primarytreasurechest.com)
A number of printable Remembrance Day worksheets such as flashcards, posters, banners, display words.

Lesson plans and activities (britishlegion.org.uk)
Lessons tying World War 1 history to a wide range of other topics.

 Lists of activities (Australian-themed)

Remembrance Day Lesson Material
Note that this site has other pages on Remembrance Day topics.

Anzac Day Classroom Activities (anzacwebsites.com)
A wide range of lesson activities to choose from.

 Activity ideas and suggestions

Cross-curricular activities: Remembrance Day (education.scholastic.co.uk)
Suggested Remembrance Day activities for school assemblies, drama, music, history and literacy, and art.

Primary activities for Remembrance Day (ehow.com)
Create a poppy wreath, read Remembrance Day stories, write thankyou notes to soldiers.

Pinterest: Remembrance Day ideas (pinterest.com/payola)
Over 40 pins. Mainly poppy craft and art ideas.

Pinterest: Remembrance Day - Lest We Forget (pinterest.com/ducinaltum)
Over 90 pins. Many craft, art and other ideas for Remembrance Day.

Pinterest: Classroom - Remembrance Day (pinterest.com/wenchipoo)
Over 90 pins. Mainly poppy art and craft and peace ideas for Remembrance Day lessons.

Pinterest: Remembrance Day (pinterest.com/rapunzel543)
Over 70 pins. Mainly classroom poppy craft, poster-making and displays for Remembrance Day.

Pinterest: Memorial Day kids classrooms activities crafts (pinterest.com/awhoinwhoville)
35 pins. Poppy-making suggestions.


Pigeon holding poppy (Image: awm.gov.au)SPECIAL STORY 2019
Pigeon poppy thief
The pigeon who stole from the tomb of the unknown soldier


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