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Art activities
for Remembrance Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Anzac Day
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Poppy art activities below: 

Drawing a poppy

Watercolor poppies

Mixed media

Poppy art suggestions

Art and craft activities on other pages:

  Color-in activities
  Poppy wreaths
  Origami poppies


Drawing a poppy

How to Draw a Poppy (dragoart.com)
Five steps to draw a poppy, then add color.

Draw a poppy (artprojectsforkids.org) 

How to Draw a Poppy [pdf] (artprojectsforkids.org)
Download or open this pdf file to draw a poppy in nine steps..(From the web page Easy How to Draw a Poppy which contains an embedded video with advert.)
How to Draw Flowers - Poppy Flowers  VIDEO  (youtube.com)
Video on drawing a group of poppies and poppy leaves in some detail.


Watercolor poppies

Learning How to Paint Watercolor Poppies, My Way - Part 1 (9thandmayne.com)
See how to paint a range of poppies using watercolor. Part 1 of the exposition continues with:
- Part 2
- Part 3
- Part 4


Mixed media

Poppy Mixed Media (thatartistwoman.org)
Illustrated instructions to create poppy artwork using watercolor paint, plastic wrap, red tissue paper, bubble wrap, wool and buttons.


Poppy art project suggestions

Pinterest: Art, Poppies (pinterest.com/marijkevdvalk)
This Pinterest collection of general poppy artworks could be used as an inspiration for artistic students to create an image of red remembrance poppies.

Pinterest: Veterans Day Art (pinterest.com/kirstin123)
Examples of Veterans Day artwork, most taking on a patriotic theme.

Remembrance Day Activities (blog.tpet.co.uk/posts/christina)
A collection of 15 links to bright and attractive Remembrance Day art and craft activities which include poppy-making.
Remembrance Day Art Activities for Grade 8 Students (ehow.com)
Art project suggestions involving poetry, interviews, a cemetery visit and a sketch of a battle scene. (Suggestions not illustrated.)

More paint activities
Note that paint is used in making poppies in these other sections of our websites:
- Fingerprint poppies
- Coffee filter poppies
- Paper plate poppies

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