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Poppy-making activities on this page:
  Ordinary paper - template
  Ordinary paper - no template

  Coffee filter poppies
  Crepe paper poppies
  Cupcake case poppies

  Fingerprint poppies
Giant paper poppies
Paper napkin poppies
Paper plate poppies
Poppy paper chain
Tissue paper poppies

Commercial templates

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  Poppy wreaths
  Origami poppies
Felt poppies
Other collections


Ordinary paper poppies - template provided

Heart Poppy Paper Craft (dltk-holidays.com)
See instructions. Print a template, cut out and glue. Provides a choice of colour template or black and white template.

Poppy - paper craft (bigactivities.com)
Provides a choice of template to print, instructions.
Make a Paper poppy [pdf] (poppyappeal.com.au)
Simple instructions, with template to print out.
Heart poppies (kinderart.com)
Cut out hearts and form poppies. Includes a heart pattern template to print.

Poppy Fields (lighthousepoole.co.uk)
Requires red paper (ordinary or tissue), green paper and black paper, wire and glue. Template provided for flower and leaf. Background information.


Ordinary paper poppies - no template required

Make poppies (saved from legion.ca)
One of the best guides for making poppies. At the above link is copy of the relevant page (page 38) of a larger document, the Royal Canadian Legion's Teachers Guide to Remembrance [pdf]. For the original web page go to. Legion Teaching Guide.

Make an Anzac Day memorial poppy  VIDEO  (youtube.com)
Short (1min 2secs) video from kidspot.com showing how to make a poppy from a sheet of red paper and green pipe cleaner, using scissors, glue, pencil and ruler.


Tissue paper poppies

Memorial Day Poppy Project (moms-holiday-craft-ideas.com)
Folding then cutting the tissue paper is a clever idea.

How to Make Tissue Paper Poppies (wikihow.com)
Although the instructions refer to tissue paper of different colors, use red and black tissue paper (red for the petals, black for the central section) for poppies prepared for Remembrance Day and Veterans Day.
Colleen's Creations Paper Flowers (cllnscreations.wordpress.com)
A little more time-consuming to make, but the result is professional-looking poppies. Modifies the ideas of Martha Stewart's Paper Peonies (and includes a link to those instructions).
Tissue paper poppy (activityvillage.co.uk)
Red tissue paper for the petals, black card for the central circle. A very quick and simple poppy to make.

Not illustrated

How to Make Tissue Paper Poppies (ehow.com)
Instructions using red tissue paper, floral wire and green floral tape. Not illustrated.


Crepe paper poppies

WARNING! When crepe paper becomes wet the dye can run and stain clothes and other material that it comes into contact with. Crepe paper poppies should not be worn outside when there is a chance of rain.

Poppy Flowers (webindia123.com)
How to make crepe paper poppies. Photos of the steps are in the Picture Gallery. Click on those photos for larger images.

Make your own poppy [pdf] (awm.gov.au)
Instructions, with template, for making a poppy using red crepe paper, green pipe cleaner and black paper.

How to make a paper crepe poppy: Step by step DIY  VIDEO   (youtube.com)
Video of a series of photographs with instructions on how to make a poppy flower and poppy buds using red, dark green, light green and black crepe paper, glue, corn grits and floral wire.

Not illustrated

How to Make Crepe Paper Poppies for Veterans Day (ehow.com)
Instructions using crepe paper, chenille stems, construction paper, glue. Not illustrated.


Paper napkin poppies

What to do with Paper Napkins (bugaboominimrme.blogspot.com.au)
Instructions for cutting up paper napkins to make four-petal, three-petal or two-petal poppies (followed by poppy wreath instructions).

Red Napkin Poppies (serendipitybysara.wordpress.com)
Use red and black paper napkins, wire and tape to make poppies.
How to Make Paper Poppies (thecraftjunkieblog.com)
As the original site appears to be unavailable, try this archived version. How to make a paper poppy from paper napkins (and a pipe cleaner for tying them together). Photos of the steps are provided. Use red paper napkins for Remembrance Day poppies.


Paper plate poppies

Paper Plate Poppy Craft (dltk-holidays.com)
Steps to follow to paint and cut out a paper plate to make a poppy.


Coffee filter poppies

Coffee Filter Poppies (theenchantedtree.blogspot.com)
Plenty of photos of the finished products. (Use red for Remembrance poppies.)
Coffee Filter Poppies (cbc.ca)
Uses coffee filters, buttons, safety pin, pipe cleaner, paint.

Coffee Filter Poppy Flower (archived from crafts.kaboose.com)
[Archived version.] What you will need and steps to follow.

Paper Poppies - Tutorial (clevernesting.com)
[Site not available Sep 26, Oct 20 2014]
Uses coffee filters.


Giant paper poppies

Craft Time! Giant Paper Poppy Flower (wearenotmartha.com)
Choose red paper, and give the poppies a black centre.

Giant Magical Paper Flower Poppy Garden (thetanglednest.com)
Requires red, black and green tissue paper, green crepe paper, dowels, or sticks, wire, sticking tape.

Giant poppies: How to make paper flowers (molliemakes.com)
Choose red crepe paper and red tissue paper. You will also need black tissue paper, pipe cleaner, scissors. The page of instructions incorporates a  video  as well.

Make a Giant Poppy [pdf] (baysscoutprograms.org.au)
Simple to make. Requires red, black and green tissue paper, egg box cup, drinking straw, willow, tape.

Field-O-Poppies (blog.lauraashley.com)
Materials required are red, green and black card, glue, stapler, tape and spray-painted green cane for the stems. A template (that requires enlarging) is provided.


Fingerprint poppies

Fingerprint Poppy Craft (dltk-holidays.com.com)
Instructions using red finger paint, green or black finger paint, scrap cardboard, paper.

Fingerprint Poppy Craft (domesticgoddesque.com)
The red ink on the fingers can come from a red bingo dabber or an ink pad. A clever idea is to use glue to place actual poppy seeds in the centre.


Poppy paper chain

Poppy Remembrance Day Craft and Linky (domesticgoddesque.com)
Create a cut-out paper chain of poppies.


Cupcake case (liner) poppies

Paper poppy for Anzac Day (beafunmum.com)
Use two red cupcake cases: turn them inside out, then cut a wavy edge around both but make one is smaller than the other. Use a black marker pen to draw the centre of the poppy, then glue the two together. If you wish, use a green bamboo rod or paddle pop stick for the stem.

Remembrance Day Poppy Wreath (mamapapabubba.com)
Cupcake cases are used in making this poppy wreath. To make the poppies you need cupcake liners (cupcake cases), black paper, green buttons, scissors, glue.


Felt poppies

We have moved felt poppies to a new page!


Commercial templates

How to make a Paper Poppy [pdf] (fiskarscraft.typepad.com)
Makes use of commercially made templates.



Origami poppies

Origami poppy websites are LISTED ON A SEPARATE PAGE
- go there now!


Poppy wreaths

Poppy wreath websites are NOW LISTED ON A SEPARATE PAGE
- go there now!


Felt poppies

Felt poppy websites are NOW LISTED ON A SEPARATE PAGE
- go there now!


 Other poppy-making suggestions

For other people's collections of websites on poppy-making see the Pinterest pages in our Activity ideas and suggestions section

See also our origami poppy page and our poppy wreaths page


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See our Remembrance Day and Veterans Day