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for Remembrance Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Anzac Day
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 Remembrance cake and cookie ideas below:

Decorated cupcakes
Decorated cookies
Decorated cakes
Undecorated cakes

Ideas on another page:

Healthy food (vegetable and fruit to arrange as poppies)


Decorated cupcakes

Poppy Cupcakes (bakingmad.com)
Steps include cooking the cake base for the cupcake.

How to Make Red Poppy Cupcakes  VIDEO   (youtube.com)
From "A Slice of Cake". Uses red gumpaste to make the poppy petals.
How to make a poppy cupcake topper (cakejournal.com)
Top cupcakes with a poppy made from corn starch and fondant icing. Two to three days' hardening time is needed.



Decorated cookies

Poppy cookies (sweetsugarbelle.com)
Make icing-covered poppy-shaped cookies.

Remembrance Sunday Cookies (lifeatthezoo.com)

Bake cookies and decorate with red icing in a poppy shape, topped with a chocolate button.


Undecorated cookies

Image from anzacwebsites.com

Anzac biscuit recipes (anzacwebsites.com)
A sweet biscuit based on rolled oats, traditionally regarded as having been baked by Australian wives, girlfriends and mothers for soldiers during World War 1. Referred to within Australia as "Anzac biscuits", not as "Anzac cookies".

Image from awm.gov.au

Hard tack (awm.gov.au)
WARNING: As biting these biscuits can break your teeth, they should be consumed after being ground up or soaking first (perhaps in gravy).
Although also known as the Anzac wafer or Anzac tile, hard tack was not based on rolled oats (as Anzac biscuits were) but were made from wholemeal and white flour. They were provided to Australian soldiers in World War 1 by the army, and have been used by other armies.


Decorated cakes

Remembrance Day Cake (foodieonthe49th.wordpress.com)
Decorating a black fondant iced cake with red gumpaste poppies. Includes a suggested recipe for the cake itself.

Top Poppy Cakes (cakecentral.com)
Photographs of several iced cakes decorated with poppies, to provide inspiration.

Includes a link to a video on how to paint poppies on icing.


Undecorated cakes

War Cake (allrecipes.com)
World War 2 war cake recipe.

World War 1 Cake (justapinch.com)
Includes plenty of raisins and brown sugar.
1917 War Cake (cooks.com)
Ingredients include corn syrup and Crisco. Crisco is a brand of shortening first manufactured in 1911 in the United States.
War Cake - Recipe for Remembrance Day (domestikgoddess.com)
A war cake recipe whose ingredients reflect the shortage of eggs, milk and refined sugar during World War 2.


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